Sunday, June 10, 2018

New Richard Armitage Fan Challenge Day 1

It has been a very long time since I've participated in any kind of Armitage fan challenge. When I first joined the Armitage fandom as a more or less active member I did participate a little bit. But I'm a bit of a "lone wolf" by nature.

Challenges can be fun sometimes, and in the interest of having some fun in these troubled times, I thought I would take a stab at this challenge.

Guylty set up this new fan challenge in her blog. If you want to know more about it, go to her blog at the link below:

On to the first question:

A. If you added up all the money you have spent on DVD’s, cinema tickets, accommodation, theatre tickets, fan art, audiobooks etc., how expensive has RA been so far?

I have no way of knowing how much I have spent on RA so far.  I've never kept track, and don't expect or plan to.  I've been a fan for a long time now, so it is bound to add up.  But it has all been well worth it.

Some examples of RA related expenses:

1.  Six trips to NYC:  If I'm counting correctly there have been 6 trips to NYC, that includes train fare, one night in hotel for 5 of the trips, to see him for most of them, ticket for one play (Love,Love,Love), ticket to TRIBECA to see Pilgrimage. Also other movie tickets somewhere in there, special events like for the Hobbit trilogy Marathon in my neighborhood. Oh yes, my biggest expense, ticket to the AFI US NYC Hobbit Premiere in 2012. 

2.   DVD's:  With a few exceptions I only buy DVD's (or in the old days VHS tapes) for my two favorite actors. I'm a bit of a small collector for both.  With exceptions, I own the DVD's of most of RA's work, including old favorites like Sparkhouse, Miss Marie Lloyd, The Golden Hour, etc.  I try to get them on sale, and I have self imposed limit on how much I will spend, but so far, so good.  Now I've also purchased online streaming "products", though how permanent those purchases are who knows.  The Crucible of course, and Season 1&2 of Berlin Station, purchased, and I think that will be the way of future as less DVD's are produced. 

3.   Audiobooks:  I have every single audibook Richard Armitage has recorded, including those on CD's .  My most treasured audiobook purchase is BBC Audiobooks (2007) The Lords of the North by Bernard Cornwell, ready by Richard Armitage.  I started collecting his audiobooks when he first started recording the Robin Hood audiobooks, was it back in 2007?  Now of course I have my very active Audible subscription.  I try to use only my credits for audiobooks, though once in a while I will purchase extra credits.  I use Audible not only for RA's narrations, but he does keep us busy.  I listen to audiobooks in my car on my commute to and from work, and sometimes at home too.  RA audiobooks worth every penny (and Audible credit). 

4.  Fan Art and Fan Merchandise:  Not much on fan art, though I do appreciate all these supremely talented fans. Maybe a T-shirt or two and some magnets for my fridge, but that's all. Commercial merchandise I am guilty a bit, especially for Hobbit stuff.  A variety of stuff there, but less than the serious collectors. I have an Orcrist letter opener, and I'm sorry I didn't buy the lovely Orcrist pendant. (Still thinking I might for a birthday or holiday one day) And yes, I even bought a Castlevania T-shirt.   

Watching, listening, or wearing something RA related brings joy into my life, it's all been worth it. 

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