Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Remedy for Lucas North Withdrawal

Spooks Season 10, the final season, starts in the UK tomorrow. I've been feeling a bit nostalgic about Lucas North (NOT John Bateman) and the only solution today for me was to make a video. I don't know why a video, just what I needed to do. I thought about Lucas and Beth, the good times, because Sophia Myles is also not returning to Spooks for Season 10.

When will we see the new and last Spooks or MI5 season in the US? Who knows? My local PBS station is repeating Spooks Season 5, I catch it once in a while late on Sunday. I know not all PBS stations show Spooks/MI5. So I might have to wait for the DVD as always.

I'll miss Spooks/MI5 and Harry and Ruth.  I still miss Lucas. 

The song is from the Finnish TV series RAID, the singer is Mari Rantasila.  I just like the song. 


  1. You might try watching out on that's how I managed to get season 9 in the US - It was 2-3 weeks behind but I got it during the actual BBC season. I be trying myself as well.

  2. @jo Thanks for the info! I'll look for castv today and watch out for it ;) Good luck!

  3. Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner .. Beautiful video and you gave me the idea to view a bit of my Lucas fanvid collection..

  4. Is it weird that I have never watched SPOOKS?

    I feel like I have missed out on something

  5. @Fanny Thank you for your comment, much appreciated my friend. No matter what we saw in Spooks last night, Lucas lives for me :)

    @Scott Here I am thinking everyone in the UK watches Spooks - LOL. I like spy stories and mysteries. I started watching the show from the beginning on a US cable channel, they later cancelled it and since then it has been a challenge to watch. Has never had rating success in the US sadly - maybe because of bad editing for commercials.

  6. I enjoyed your video very much. So nice to focus on the good times. Season 9 started with such promise. I want to go back there and visit again! :)

  7. @phylly3 Thank you,I'm so happy you liked my video :) Even now I can only watch the good times of Season 9 again. It's not as much Lucas' ultimate fate, but the way they did it in Season 9 that makes me very sad.


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