Sunday, August 24, 2014

Yes Folks -Richard Armitage is Funny

I've read lots of comments on Twitter this morning from fans who have just discovered Richard Armitage has a sense of humor.

He's quite funny in fact, as many have discovered this morning.

As a public service to my fellow RA fans (and also a lot of shameless self promotion on my part) I offer below a walk down memory lane of Armitage Humor (or Humour).

I also recommend fans read his messages to us, to his fans, throughout the years - his sense of humor very much present, especially in the earlier years:

Friday, August 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Richard Armitage, Happy Birthday to You

Dearest Richard - 

Before I came home Thursday night the intro to this post was going to be different. I wrote it on Sunday, which seems like a long time ago today. I was feeling sweetly sentimental on Sunday about birthdays.

You never cease to surprise me and that's part of why I find you endlessly fascinating. 

So, for weeks I've been thinking what to do for your birthday post and Sunday (be glad it was Sunday and not Thursday evening!) it suddenly hit me. You're right, what we need most at this time in this world, on your birthday today, is a bit of...


A Bit More Armitage Humor 

Feliz Cumple - Happy Birthday

Dearest Richard 

What a year this has been for you!

With Admiration, Respect, and Affection

Your Fan/Supporter/Well-Wisher