Friday, November 28, 2014

So It Begins - Or It Had Already - BOTFA Press Marathon

From DAMAN Magazine

Two great interviews today - one from DAMAN Magazine, 
my new favorite 
Men's Fashion Magazine

One of my favorite quotes (had to write it down since am not able to cut and paste it, so forgive errors)

"DA MAN: You're one of a growing community of English actors now living and having considerable success in the US. Why do you think this is happening?

RA: Perhaps it's connected to the last question. Brooding, (disdain?), dark humor and irony, all provide great contrast to that "All-American" feel-good factor, but it's always about balance. I also think there is a great literary tradition in Europe , script first, picture later. It can be reverse in the US. Again, it's about a good balance of opposites." 

Here's a link to the other interview from The Times:

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I Remember

I've been toying with a post about a new (well, new for me) international mystery series I'm watching, but my mind and heart right now is with Thorin, Kili, and Fili, and my Dwarves, and BOTFA. 

RA just tweeted this video and watching it I'm remembering all the years I've followed these films and the movie magic of Peter Jackson.  For me it all started with Sean Bean when he was first cast as Boromir.  I don't believe if not for Sean that I would have followed these films as I have. I wasn't a Tolkien reader at that point either. So I thank Sean with all my heart for leading me, not for the first or last time, to a world I have since followed and love.

Sean Bean during the filming of LOTR - Don't remember source of photo

I still remember following the making and the constant postponement of The Hobbit before a certain someone was cast in the film. As a fan of LOTR I was curious, and I thought Guillermo del Toro was an interesting choice for director.  I'm not a follower of all his films, but I would include his film Pan's Labyrinth on my favorite fantasy/political films list. So it was for that reason that I found myself joining a live online fan Q&A session with Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro about plans for The Hobbit.  This must have been when del Toro was first in New Zealand making plans. I think that must be at least five or six years now if not more? 

I remember somewhere in there, maybe after del Toro dropped out and Peter Jackson opted in to direct The Hobbit, voting or posting my agreement, or comments, to fan casting lists that had Richard Armitage on it for the role of Bard. Think I voted on several of these fan cast lists that had Richard as Bard. Looking at all the characters in the book, I thought the one role Richard was perfect for was Bard. 

I have never been so wrong in all my life. 

Thanks to

That's why Peter Jackson is a genius and I'm not. Thank you Peter Jackson for having the vision to know that Richard Armitage is Thorin Oakenshield.  No one else but Richard could have brought Thorin to life as majestically and made the character so real to so many. He created such a vivid character in Thorin that he exists to me as a separate "person" (or separate dwarf), from the actor I know and love, Richard Armitage. No matter how many times I've seen AUJ and DOS now, a few seconds after the movies start, I am totally invested in Thorin's quest. Armitage brought the story of the Heirs of Durin into our hearts, together with Aidan Turner and Dean O'Gorman, and now many of us are emotional about what is to come in BOTFA. 

I'm in love with all thirteen of them, my dear Dwarves. 

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