Sunday, June 24, 2018

New Richard Armitage Fan Challenge Day 15

S.  Which actor would you like to see him paired with in the future?  

I have more than one actor that I would like to see him paired with in future.  Here are a few of them, two he has worked with before, but I think are a great match for him for any future role:

Rachael Stirling

Sally Hawkins

Nicola Walker

Claudia Michelsen

Kate Winslet

Back in 2012 I wrote a post, an even had a poll, about who should play Anne Neville if RA was playing Richard II in a movie or TV program. Some other actors I would like to see him paired with in the future at the link below:

Saturday, June 23, 2018

New Richard Armitage Fan Challenge Day 14

R:  OTPs - What is your favourite pairing of RA''s past work?

Need you ask!  My favorite pairing of RA's past work is: 

John Thornton and Margaret Hale

Will Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe ever work together again.  I certainly hope so. Maybe in another period drama.  A girl can dream.

North & South 
From Desert Sky Screencaps

 I do have runner up, a #2 OTP.  This one involved a working partnership and not a romantic one.  I do think it would have been a great romantic pairing as well.

Ros Myers and Lucas North (MI-5 or Spooks)  

I wish they would have been a romantic pairing in the series.  I guess the writers thought they couldn't do so since they had already paired Ros with Adam, which never quite worked for me. Ros and Lucas had great chemistry together.  

I also hope Hermione Norris and Richard Armitage work together again.

Friday, June 22, 2018

New Richard Armitage Fan Challenge 2018 Day 13

O.  Casual RA or dressed-to-the-nines RA?

I love both really.    

There is something to be said for a sharp dressed man:

But my all time favorite is when Richard selects his own wardrobe, when he "dresses himself" as the fandom says:

Reason I love this the best is because this is the real Richard, and I think he doesn't need to change in any way.

A favorite because I was there to see him at this event.

P.  RA on the big screen or RA on TV?

On TV because we get to see him longer, especially if it is a multi episode series.   

Q. Third season of BS (Berlin Station) or not?

Yes! Third season of BS!  Hope he's in it, and I'm looking forward to it.  (Though I have to find a way to watch it live, since I "cut the cord" now.) If only Epix would let us join their streaming service separately, individually?  How about it Epix?

Yes, BS has its flaws, and Daniel Miller is an underwritten character, but still a pleasure to look forward to seeing Richard on my screen every week, for several weeks.  And I have to say, that given the recent news, BS has been good at anticipating what's happening in the real world.  I also have hope for Season 3 and Daniel Miller because there are new writers at work.  But we don't really know if Daniel Miller will be back for the entire season, do we? 

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