Saturday, October 10, 2015

Day 9 - 31 Day Film Challenge

Favorite Action Film

It's always very difficult for me to answer these, how can you select one favorite film among many. sometimes it depends on my mood that day.

I love sword fighting and any film with men wielding swords, and especially dressed in chain mail, has my vote. 

I'll pick two today, because they are two favorites always on my top 10 list that I think qualify as action films, but also at the core, there is love and romance. For me, there has to be a story as part of the "action"in an action film.  

Captain Blood

House of Flying Daggers

Friday, October 9, 2015

Hot off the Press: Urban and the Shed Crew Premiere at Leeds Film Festival in November

Thanks to Richard Armitage Blog on Twitter

Sat 7th Nov, 2015, 16:00 - £8.00/ £6.00
Sat 7th Nov, 2015, 19:30 - £8.00/ £6.00
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Bernard Hare’s popular memoir about growing up on an East Leeds estate is vividly brought to the screen for the first time by Candida Brady. Eleven-year old Urban Grimshaw (Fraser Kelly) is Britain’s most runaway child, he’s even been on TV’s Crimewatch. His mother Greta (Anna Friel) is a junkie and his father might as well be dead. He can’t read or write, and he doesn’t go to school. His average day is spent sitting round a bonfire with his mates smoking drugs and stealing cars. When he meets his mother’s new friend Chop (Richard Armitage), a disillusioned ex-social worker also living on society’s margins, on one of Leeds’ roughest estates, the two become firm friends.

Good Reviews for Paul Gross' New Film Hyena Road

Paul Gross in Hyena Road (2015)

Wonderful to read this morning some positive reviews and notices for Paul Gross' new film Hyena Road.

Canadian actor, writer, director, Paul Gross is an old favorite of mine, someone of my generation. I've seen some of his work through the years,and though sometimes for me failing to meet some of my expectations, he's always a pleasure to watch onscreen.  Another marvelous voice as well.

Gross starred in one of my favorite comedies of all time, and one I don't think enough people know about:

Slings and Arrows (2003-2006)

A hilarious Canadian comedy, especially for anyone who loves actors, or has ever been in a play! Look for it.

Some here in the US may remember Paul from Due South:

I first saw Paul Gross back in the 90's in Tales of The City.

He still looks good - and a very talented man indeed:

Back to Hyena Road - good review from The Globe and Mail:

Since Sept. 11, 2001, Hollywood war movies have treated the public to deep black, shining white and spiralling shades of grey; Hyena Road may prove too unemphatic for many a moviegoer as it repeats a well-worn theme – war is bad; soldiers are good – but its lack of histrionics is admirable and the realism with which it observes military life is remarkable. Hyena Road was shot in Jordan and Manitoba, on a budget reported at $12.5-million, which is very large for a Canadian film but tiny by the standards of any Hollywood war movie. Whatever the cost, its war scenes are plenty thrilling, but the film’s real achievement is its quiet authenticity.

"The war story featuring good people making the best of a bad situation may feel very familiar, but it is a better kind of familiarity that also characterizes Hyena Road. These are not the kind of folks you are used to seeing onscreen, but rather the kind you meet in life: They are a cheerful crew of well-meaning Canadians, usually hard-working and competent, often unsuccessful, but never dispirited. If Gross’s First World War movie Passchendaele was a sloppy and melodramatic attempt to depict Canada at war, Hyena Road now hits the mark."

Day 8 - 31 Day Film Challenge

Favorite Scorsese Film


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