Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Fun with Richard Armitage and Coffee - Video Part Deux

I hope Richard Armitage is enjoying some good coffee and tea in New Zealand to help him get up at dawn to get into makeup and costume to play Thorin. Lately I've been thinking of him in the morning and wandering how he spent his day.  I may have to read The Hobbit again because I can't remember if Thorin drinks coffee. I hope he does. 

When I'm having problems getting up early I have coffee with Lucas North, and maybe later in the morning a cup of tea with John Thornton.  Today I needed even more of my favorite RA Java Jive moments to start my day:

I think he needs to make  a coffee commercial. 

Looks like RA is enjoying good coffee in Wellington:


  1. This post was perfect for my coffee break! Will pretend Lucas is sitting by my side *wink*
    Love drinking tea too but only when I'm relaxing at home, btw Yorkshire tea is my favourite..a Northerner all the way! LOL

  2. Hey Summer :) Glad I could help with the RA coffee break :)
    Haven't had Yorkshire tea! Must do!

  3. I seldom drink coffee or tea, but I do enjoy watching Richard Armitage characters do so! Have you noticed that he never uses the cup handle?

  4. Hi bccmee! Thanks for visiting! I have noticed that. He does use the cup handle in "Malice Aforethought" though, but I've always thought that his hands are too big for those tiny cup handles :):)

  5. Another super coffee themed video! I love it! @Summer - I love Yorkshire Tea too! My daughter brought some home when she was in Leeds, and got my sister and I addicted to it! We found that we could buy it at Boots drugstore here in Canada.

  6. Hi Phylly :) We love our coffee. Thank you!


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