Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dean O'Gorman: Fili is a Photographer

Dean O'Gorman who plays Fili in The Hobbit is also a talented photographer. An exhibit of his work will be at the Page Blackie Gallery in Wellington, New Zealand, from June 19-23

There are a couple of interesting recent interviews with O'Gorman about his work and about working on The Hobbit.

There's a Q&A with O'Gorman from the No Magazine website- a quote below:

"What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you on set? Every day on The Hobbit is pretty surreal working with Elves, Dwarves and Hobbits. One day I found myself in a barrel floating down the Pelorus river in Nelson."

Photo by Dean O'Gorman

In an interview with O'Gorman talks about his work as an actor, as an artist, and how the war in Vietnam inspired the work on exhibit in Wellington this month:

"At first glance, a viewer could believe that all the photographs O'Gorman will have on show - most are in colour and a few in black and white - were actually taken of American forces in the Vietnam War. Several appear to be candid shots, caught in the moment of battle or on patrol, and are as mesmerising as any of the great photo journalism from the time. There's also a series of posed portrait shots of soldiers, some who look as if they've just come off a battlefield.

O'Gorman wasn't even born until after American forces left Vietnam, so he obviously wasn't there. The next assumption is that he took them on the set of a war movie. But the Vietnam-era United States Army helmets stacked in a corner of his garage, along with bits of uniforms and heavy flak jackets provide a clue. The military items - some sourced cheaply from Trade Me, some more expensive items from collectors - have been essential for what he's created.

Almost like a movie director, O'Gorman dressed and set up the shots himself. He roped in friends to play the soldiers, and fellow cast members from The Hobbit. (One photograph features British actor Adam Brown who plays the dwarf Ori, and another has Luke Evans, who plays Bard the Bowman).

O'Gorman, who fell in love with photography at school, was a big fan of Vietnam War photographers including Larry Burrows and Don McCullin, as well as other war photographers such as the legendary Robert Capa."




I wish I was in Wellington this month to see O'Gorman's exhibit.  I also wander if they have a party to open the exhibit, and I'm sure they will, most art gallery's do, whether Fili's close relatives will be there.

His brother Kili:

and his uncle Thorin:

Note:  Saw tweet from O'Gorman that gallery opening was yesterday June 19.  No photos of the event? 

Hope if you're lucky enough to be in Wellington that you'll stop by and see the exhibit and let us know in the comments what you thought. Thanks!


  1. Interesting profile on O'Gorman, Fabo. He certainly does have a preferred photographic niche. Perhaps he admires war correspondents. HBO's recent 'Hemingway and Gellhorn' demonstrated just how dangerous that profession can be.

    Dean lives in a part of the world with great opportunities for photographers. It's been hubby's hobby since he was in high school, so I've often observed how there antenna start to twitch whenever anything photo worthy comes into view.

    1. Hi! Glad you liked the profile. Interesting interviews with O'Gorman, who I will admit I haven't watched on screen as an actor, but am really liking his work as an artist/photographer.

      It's a great hobby to have. I'm sure you see the world in a different way with an eye to capturing that perfect moment.

  2. I hate it when Lukester promotes smoking on his pics :( This is not the first time....

    1. I didn't know he smokes. Tough habit to break (though I've never smoked myself). I hope he listens to you Dezz.

  3. Can't help that, but Kili "speaks with his eyes" for me.
    No so keen on promoting smoking habits either.


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