Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Man is Back

I'm very, very, happy that Tom Wlaschiha is back on Game of Thrones.

Now, I read the books also, a while back now, and I know some book fans are not happy about it. After all a Faceless Man should not have such a recognizable and handsome face. 

There is a mysterious character in the books that I would think some book readers believe is A Man with a different and kindly "face".  So this is TV, why not bring back a popular character and a loved actor to play him again.

So what happened to Jaqen H'ghar when he and Arya Stark said goodbye.  We're about to find out as Arya embarks on a new adventure.

Tom and Maisie Williams

Photos thanks to Tom Wlaschiha's Fanpage on Facebook


  1. Tom is sooo sexy! I think he is the perfect Jaqen I love his accent and deep voice

    1. Agree! I'm so happy we'll see him again on GOT

  2. I noticed him from the first scene, the posture, the soft voice. And he has great chemistry with Maisie. I'm thrilled he's coming back!


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