Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Here We Are and Here We Go

Memories of 2015

Salome - Washington DC



Just some of my favorite memories 
from 2015

It was a good year for Richard Armitage and Sean Bean

A good year for me as a fan of their work, a supporter of their work.

Happy New Year Richard and Sean

Thank You


No New Year Resolutions - but some of my new year hopes: 

Richard -

*  Hope Urban and the Shed Crew goes global in the New Year - even if it's the global film festival circuit

*  Hope we see Pilgrimage, Sleepwalker, and Brain on Fire playing in all our local movie theaters around the world early in 2016

* Hope we get word Bridget Cleary is filming in the spring/summer and also Clearance and Edith Wharton's Summer sometime in the year, or at least some updates.

* Hope the Epix Berlin Station twitter account gives us some news, and the series air dates in the fall.

* Hope for an Armitage return to the stage, maybe in NYC this time, or both London and NY even better

Sean -

* Hope for a new home for Legends. The second season on TNT was so much better than the first, and in the right network it can only get better. 

* Hope for a second season for The Frankenstein Chronicles. Wouldn't that be an adventure! 

* Hope they finally start filming Enemy of Man


As for me, life can throw you a curveball any time, so all I hope for is manageable health and a roof over my head. 


Peace and Prosperity for All in 2016

Happy New Year

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