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Fantasy Films - Fantasy Casting

Do you ever read a book and think about who you would cast for the various characters if it was made into a movie?  Or do you ever think about your favorite actors and think what types of films and roles you would cast them in?  

Well, I do, all the time. If I am reading a book I particularly like or think would make a good film, I always cast the main roles in my imagination. But sometimes I don't even need to adapt a book to the screen in my mind, I often think of film ideas that would be perfect for some of my favorite actors. If only I had the money to be a producer!  

My own game of Fantasy Films and Fantasy Casting!

Now, anyone who visits this blog will soon find out that two of my favorite actors are Richard Armitage and Sean Bean. So you would be correct to assume that I often cast those two particular actors in roles.  The other day I had a long wait at the dentist's office and my thoughts turned to films and casting and my two favorite acting men. 

So I thought I would share some of my dental office waiting room ideas with the world  (click on the images to enlarge): 

1.  With current advances in CGI and film technology, it's really easier today for one actor to play a dual role in the same movie, I mean Jeremy Irons and others have done it, so why not RA? Imagine him playing both Lucas North and John Porter in the same film!

2.  One genre of film that I miss these days is a good biopic.  What happened to those great films and TV programs about great composers and great artists, or even great men and women who made a difference in the world?  OK, we do get a biopic once in a while, but few and far between. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Richard Armitage would play a part that would use his knowledge and love of music his considerable charisma, and acting talents, and the passion, romance, and multiple layers of character we know he can bring to a role:

To read about Franz Liszt, click HERE

3.  Which brings me back to books and imagining a fantasy cast while reading. A few years ago I read Azincourt (or Agincourt in the US) by Bernard Cornwell.  As it happens a movie based on this book is right now in pre-production and if all goes well they will start filming in 2012. I have no idea who I would cast for the protagonist of the book, the archer Nick Hook.  As it happens, I found him the least interesting character in the entire novel.  But I know exactly who I would cast in two great supporting roles from the book:

Now, in case one of the producers or casting people working on this film reads this post, I offer quotes from the book that I hope explains why my two favorite actors would be perfect for these two key roles:

Richard Armitage for Lanferelle:
The rider, sitting straight-legged in his destrier's saddle, stared down at Hook...Ghillebert, Seigneur de Lanferelle, the lord of hell.
He alone among the horsemen was bareheaded so that his long black hair hung sleek almost to his waist. His face was like polished metal, hard edged, bronze dark, with a hawk's nose and hooded eyes that showed amusement as he stared first at Hook who was trapped by the sword blade, then at his squire...
"She was beautiful, Melisande said, and she loved him. She said he was so beautiful too. A beautiful man."  "Handsome," Hook allowed. "Beautiful," Melisande insisted.(Note: They are talking about Lanferelle)
Sean Bean for Sir John Cornewaille:
Sir John looked to be close on forty years old, but he was still the most feared tournament fighter in Europe...Sir John Cornwaille loved his king, he worshiped his older wife who was the king's aunt, he adored the women on whom he fathered bastards and he was devoted to his men.
Sir John Cornewaille was also a real person and you can read about him HERE. 

Well, if I ever hit it big in the lottery and open my own production company, I'll let you all know. In the meantime, it's all for fun :)

I would love to hear from others about their own Fantasy Films or Fantasy Casting.

Update! My friend Dezz has an update on AGINCOURT:



  1. you mean you wouldn't cast me in AGINCOURT???? B..B.BB..bbut but but whyyyy? :)

  2. Dezz dear, of course I would cast you in Agincourt, just making sure it's the best role in the book before I announce it to the world :)

  3. That is exactly how I write my books I see the finished movie in my head and write down what I see. I love Cornwell's books (and so does Richard, so cool) I agree tht Sean Bean would be a perfect Sir John but I don't know about Richard as Lanferelle, not enough screen time, How about Father Christopher? It would be interesting to see what he would do with a charactor like that. Am patiently waitng and watching Bernard's website for update's on Agincourt.

  4. Hi Jo! Thank you so much for your comment.
    I agree Lanferelle will be short on screentime, but the physical description in the book so fits RA, and the duality of evil and good(?) also fits him well, and to me an unforgettable character in the book.
    I hadn't thought about Richard as Father Christopher, thinking of an older man, but certainly a character with much potential for a great actor to work with, so I think I love your idea of casting RA for the role! Think the producers will listen to us - LOL

  5. Naw, don't think they'll give 2 hoots in hades what we think. Another idea for Lanferelle is Rufus Sewell - not as tall as Richard but the rest works.

  6. This often happens:) I LOVE Georgette Heyer and could easaly see a lot of her books and heroes converted to Richard Armitage movies or plays (a lot of her books are like small stages where she puts her characters).

  7. @Jo Good choice, Rufus Sewell would also be a great Lanferelle

    @alfie Ah, Georgette Heyer. I love the Heyer audiobooks that RA has recorded so far. Would be lovely to see these characters on the screen or stage.

  8. I would REALLY love to see who ya'll would cast in my book? if anyone's interested it can be found at or at the Kindle store on Amazon (Beyond the Legend) - Kindle is cheaper BTW
    If you decide to read Enjoy!
    otherwise Happy Richard Watching...or Sean, or ... dream away!


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