Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Poll Results: Choice of Movie Director to Partner with Actor Richard Armitage

It's A Tie!!!!!!

The votes are in and it's a tie between British Director Tom Hooper and Chinese-American Director Ang Lee.  Both are marvelous choices and intriguing to think how wonderful it would be if they would find a creative soul mate in Richard Armitage, and how wonderful it would be for RA to have roles and films tailored for him that would challenge him as an actor and as a person.  

See the results below and a bit about each of these great directors.

Tom Hooper

Poll Results:  41%

Ang Lee

Poll Results: 41%

Thank you so much to all who participated in the poll.

Would love your comments about Tom Hooper and Ang Lee working together with Richard Armitage, or suggestions of other movie directors you think would be a great artistic match with Armitage.

One day soon I hope we'll see Richard Armitage with one of the movie directors above, or maybe a young new movie director not yet on the radar, featured in the list below:

Fifty Greatest Movie Director/Star Collaborations:

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  1. You spotted the winner Dez! Great choice.

    Thank you for voting my dear :)


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