Sunday, August 28, 2011

That Special New Zealand Air

I was grocery shopping on Friday night to get some essential supplies in case I  lost power during Hurricane Irene here in the US. As I'm going through the store I go down the row to get some cleaning supplies and I spot an air freshener. It just comes into my line of vision unexpectedly - PoP - Wow-Zowie - NEW ZEALAND  AIR*! 

Suddenly the following image pops into in my mind:

Ah, those lovely New Zealand vistas!
There's a thin, green, can of air freshener starring back at me, with some artsy designs, and a photo of a  beautiful New Zealand waterfall. But as I stare at it my mind is conjuring up images that aren't there! I shake my head, and try to clear my vision, and blink several times, and look again at the air freshener, and I see:

I tear myself away from the shelf.  I hurriedly push my cart away, and start going around the store in circles.  The air freshner calls to me...New Zealand Air*...New Zealand Air*...New Zealand Air*...

I'm too weak, my willpower is going, I try to think of all that I really need to buy.  Batteries, water,  milk, bread, toilet paper...but my mind keeps going back to that alluring green can. I picture myself in my living room spraying New Zealand Air* and being transported across the sea. Again, my mind conjures up images of what it would be like to be transported to Middle-Earth by that special New Zealand Air* scent:

I turn my cart around and hurry to the Air Freshener aisle.  There in front of me is the air freshener with the waterfall.  My hand reaches out and I grab it like the Arkenstone. I put it in my cart and go happily to the checkout. Mission Accomplished! 

Today at home I'm enjoying the wonderfully fresh scent of New Zealand Air* and wondering if the makers of the air freshener know what an attractive product they could have if  only they would replace the photo of the waterfall with this one:

(*There really is a NZ air freshener, but with a slightly different name.)

Disclaimer: This post is all meant in fun and I hope it is taken that way by all who read it. New Zealand is a lovely country and maybe one day I'll be lucky to visit.  To Richard Armitage and  Aidan Turner all my affection and respect. I know they both have a sense of humor. Oh, in case you're wondering, I did buy the air freshener.


  1. LOL Thx for making me smile on a Monday morning!

  2. you know it's possible that you are slowly going nuts? :PPPP
    I have a friend over at NeW Zealand, I might ask her to bottle some air for you and send it over to US :) Of course it would be just some Kiwi not Dicky (Armitage) air :)

  3. @Summer I'm glad I gave your Monday a good start my friend :)

    @Dezz Too late! I'm already nuts! Real New Zealand air!!!!!!!!! Swoon. LOL

  4. HAHAH I agree with dezzy you are slightly on the turn of madness. This is great news as then you can join the rest of us!!

  5. @Scott Happy to join the group :)

  6. Funny! Although I think Dwarf air might not smell as nice... Do they shower? ;)
    When I first saw the title of your post, I thought it might be about NZ Air as in Air Canada and you were off to visit Wellington :D...

  7. @calexora Ha! I wish I was on my way to Wellington! Alas - no! I should have used "breeze" :)

    LOL - good point..I don't think Tolkien ever wrote about the dwarves or even Bilbo's hygiene habits, but I always thought the elves must have their own beauty salon and spa :)

  8. So funny! I'm so happy to have stumbled into this little(maybe not so little)world of Richard Armitage fans. You guys are such fun!

  9. Hi Courtney! Welcome and thanks for following :)
    I'm glad that you think we're fun - LOL

    I'm very glad to have found your great blog and I see we share a love of many things British!



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