Saturday, August 24, 2013

Millions of Women Reported Heading For....

 This Island Nation

International security and transportation agencies are on the alert as millions and millions of women around the world have commandeered air and amphibian transportation vehicles and are reported headed for what is believed to be  New...or rather "Middle-earth".

Sources report that all the women seem to be carrying a copy of this map:

What is the cause of this worldwide travel phenomenon?  Authorities trace the mass female (and some male as well) unprecedented mass "migration" to this video:

Authorities in Middle-earth have called in reinforcements from the Hobbit Security Services headed by these three warriors:

This has not been an uncontroversial decision, as several prominent residents of Middle-earth have protested that the leader of the Hobbit Security Services, T. Oakenshield, is the one responsible for millions of women leaving their own lands to travel to New...I mean Middle-earth, resulting in disruption of their own (the complainants) important lives, and have launched a lawsuit against the security service (Complaining M-e residents pictured below):

In an interesting development, the son of one of the complainants against the Hobbit Security Services claims the mass female Middle-earth migration is due to him, though there is no recent evidence to support his claim:

Hobbit Security Services leader, T. Oakenshield, denies he is in any way the reason for this worldwide phenomenon. 

Alleged photo of T.Oakenshield

Instead, Oakenshield insists he is 100% certain the women are not seeking him, but the wisdom of this ancient text:

International authorities confirm that some of the intrepid travelers have copies of the ancient text in their possession, but evidence that incriminates T. Oakenshield has also been found:

 (Photo of button worn by many of the women traveling to M-e)

This mysterious photo has also been found among the M-e bound travelers. Reports suggest this photo is connected to property once owned by the heirs of Durin. T. Oakenshield, head of the Durin family, once again denies any involvement or any knowledge of his plans to dislodge a squatter in the property  (pictured below).

When questioned, the rest of the Hobbit Security Services warriors insist they have no knowledge of their leader's possible involvement in this unprecedented interest in their land and are ready to do their job to safeguard all visitors to New...I mean Middle-earth:

As the investigation continues, international security agencies have called in outside help from a private investigative firm:

We will report further developments as the investigation continues.

Breaking News - Sources close to the investigation are now looking at this man as a "person of interest":

(Sources of pics and vids: YouTube, Google Images, Fanpop, The One Ring Net, DeviantArt, United Agents, and many more)


  1. Wish I were one of the travelers.

  2. "person of interest" seems to always be under scrutiny.

    1. Hi Kitty, mmmm...he is isn't he. Difficult not to be interested in this person, but hope he is able to get away on occasion.

    2. I can definitely understand why that Voice should attract so many female travellers! What a great idea to have RA do the narration for those commercials. Fabulous!

    3. Agree - It really was! Great admiration for New Zealand Tourism. 100% pure genius.

  3. A genious post, wish the Sherlock team good luck with further investigations :) And then let´s travel to Middle-Earth together...

    1. Hello utepirat, you are too kind to me, thank you.
      Would love to travel to Middle-earth together, all of us, with RA as our guide.

  4. Even with with him having an obvious cold, RA's voice still makes me want to head to NZ. Ha!


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