Monday, October 7, 2013

New Jed Brophy Interview from TORN - Working with Richard Armitage

Very late last night I read a wonderful interview with Jed Brophy from our friends at 

He had this to say about working with Richard Armitage:

 "I was lucky enough to train alongside Richard Armitage a lot during the early part of the shoot and again on location, and he inspired me to train the hardest I ever have for anything. He is so strong mentally and physically and like his character I felt compelled to follow him."

and this when asked if he could choose three actors to work with:

One more, Richard Armitage! Anytime, any place, any part, I would be there.


You all know that Richard is one of my favorite actors, and people, in this world, and it's always lovely to read wonderful comments about him from his colleagues. 

Thank you Jed Brophy!


More about Jed from a 2011 post:

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