Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Book Reading Men

"To be honest, few readers seem to have given the followers of Naxos AudioBooks more unquestioning delight than Richard Armitage. We have had more letters, more cards and emails concerning him, AND boxes of Belgian chocolates sent by courier, than anyone else, begging us to ask him to come and read more Georgette Heyer, or more anything. We ask, but alas he is too busy starring in films, on TV and currently in The Crucible. 

 ...listen again (or for the first time) to The Convenient Marriage, Sylvester and Venetia on Naxos AudioBooks. I promise they are equally satisfying.

There was a time when Sean Bean presented a similar magnetism – but for Naxos AudioBooks he read our single best-selling junior classic: King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. And knightly he certainly was."

"...And what recordings. Not always does talent on screen transfer to the intimate medium of audiobook. It is the difference between big concertos and chamber music, I suppose. But my oh my, what jewels we can enjoy – for ever."


The NAB Blog

by Nicolas Soames

Star Quality on Naxos AudioBooks


and thanks to Richard Armitage Bulgaria on FB for the link.


  1. Replies
    1. Hope he makes a bit of time to record another audiobook soon.

  2. Great find! I wish he would do more readings.

    1. Me too! (it was RA Bulgaria's find - but I loved the mention of both RA and SB)

  3. :) mmm...yumm! sweet bribes!


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