Friday, November 28, 2014

So It Begins - Or It Had Already - BOTFA Press Marathon

From DAMAN Magazine

Two great interviews today - one from DAMAN Magazine, 
my new favorite 
Men's Fashion Magazine

One of my favorite quotes (had to write it down since am not able to cut and paste it, so forgive errors)

"DA MAN: You're one of a growing community of English actors now living and having considerable success in the US. Why do you think this is happening?

RA: Perhaps it's connected to the last question. Brooding, (disdain?), dark humor and irony, all provide great contrast to that "All-American" feel-good factor, but it's always about balance. I also think there is a great literary tradition in Europe , script first, picture later. It can be reverse in the US. Again, it's about a good balance of opposites." 

Here's a link to the other interview from The Times:

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