Friday, February 27, 2015

Goodbye Spock

Spock was my favorite.  He will always be my favorite.  My first alien crush.

I had a busy day today and didn't find out until I got home that Leonard Nimoy had died. I followed Mr. Nimoy on Twitter, so I knew that he was in the hospital a few days ago.  I'm sorry I didn't run into my co-worker who is a Star Trek fan. We're of the same generation and grew up watching the original series. We sometimes say "so long" for the day by saying Live Long and Prosper to each other. Wonder what my co-worker is thinking today, if he's revisiting childhood memories like I am tonight.

I thank Leonard Nimoy for bringing such a great character to life. 

Spock will Live Long and Prosper forever.

I never knew a great deal about Mr. Nimoy's private life, but from the little I know,and from following him on Twitter in recent years, he was a good man.  Despite failing health in recent years, he remained active and engaged until the end. I am one of thousands around the world who feel sad at his passing today. 

Maybe I'll end this post on a happy memory:



  1. My husband is a big fan of Star Trek and glancing at the TV, I quickly recognized Leonard’s tall figure - and the pointy ears of course. I remember him too from the first episodes of 'Mission: Impossible'. I used to watch this series steadily when I was younger. :)

    1. I used to watch Mission Impossible too, another great series. Much better than the movies that came after I think.

  2. A true loss. He was much more than Spock, but at the same time, Spock seemed to encapsulate so many of the things he was.

    1. Perfect marriage of actor and role. Glad he accepted and enjoyed and appreciated the place he had, and Spock has, in other people's lives. Another Renaissance man.


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