Saturday, February 7, 2015

Richard and Armitage Return

My favorite Serengeti cheetah brothers, Richard and Armitage, were back in December 2014

Jan 12:  More on Richard and Armitage and hunt rates:

"The most successful cheetahs with a 66% success rate were ... and the studly brothers Richard and Armitage.

To my utter lack of surprise it turned out Bradley and Cooper were worthless on the hunting front.  Despite watching them for DAYS, they only hunted 3 times, and failed on all fronts.  Those boys were more interested in spooning and armpit grooming than hunting."

From Anne Hilborn's blog


No surprise Richard and Armitage are majestic cheetahs


  1. They are so elegant! So the photographer is a RA's fan... :D

    1. The cheetah's are part of a research project, the Serengeti Cheetah Research Project, and were named I assume by the researchers there, The cheetah's are identified by their markings, their arrangement of "dots" The photographer is a PhD candidate from the US who studies cheetah's as part of research for her degree. Richard and Armitage are brothers :)


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