Friday, May 1, 2015

Day 25 Richard Armitage 31 Day Character

Favourite pics/gifs of him (not a character)

 and GIPHY


  1. I love the way he drops his head in the first pic! Lol I may be in a minority, but I liked this suit, it looked shiny, yes, but he wore it well.
    I didn't know the third pic (with the scarf). I guess it was taken around a recent interview?

    1. Third pic is from recent UK morning chat show interview during Hobbit BOTFA press tour.
      I'm with you on the suit. Remember when he emerged from what seemed the mists, walking towards the fans, he looked like a movie star in that suit! It was wool you know. boiled wool.

    2. Ah, thanks, he looks cute all wrapped up.
      The Tokyo premiere looked magical! I remembered the suit was boiled wool. :) Ilaria Urbinati answered the question when asked on twitter. And the electric blue enhanced the star effect IMO.


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