Thursday, June 4, 2015

Richard Armitage Confirms Edith Wharton's Summer - And A Few Other Thoughts

Are you currently working on anything exciting or what are your plans next?
Richard: I’m going to be doing a movie called ‘Clearance’ in SA later in the year, it’s about a mine sweeper and his pregnant wife. An Edith Wharton Novel on film and a possible true Irish period Tragic drama.

From Film Industry Network.

To read the entire interview, if you haven't already, go to these two websites:

I read Wharton's Summer in anticipation of Richard playing Lawyer Royall, more accurately, listened to the audiobook. We all assume he's playing Lawyer Royall.  What a wonderfully conflicted character for him to play.  Reading/listening to the book I could see him so clearly as Royall.  

Still, there many choices he could make as to how to become this character that may surprise us.  And the fact that he's a younger man than the Royall we imagine from the book, and a handsome man, I'm sure will play a part in the creation of the character and our perception of him.

Now I want to know what he's reading in preparation for the role, other than Wharton's book. 

Of course, I'm even more intrigued by his Irish project.  A tragic Irish period film.  A true story he said, a few interviews ago. 

We know he'll be filming Clearance starting in November, but no timeline for the other two films.  Will he be filming Summer this summer?


Dare I speculate that I'm holding out hope for Richard Armitage to return to playing John Porter? Oh yes, I know I'm not alone.


Because this is my blog, a few brief comments about RA's interview today with the Cybersmile Foundation:

I'm grateful that I grew up at a time when there was no Facebook or Twitter or other social media.  I say this even though I'm an active user of social media now as an adult. But I try as much as possible to be careful what sites I visit, what I read, and who I engage with. I've been lucky so far, I know I've been lucky. 

I have also stepped away from some social media, from social media fandom (not RA related by the way), when I didn't feel comfortable anymore, or rather feel comfortable with the person I was turning into a few years ago.

Even without social media I experienced the unkindness of people face to face when I was young, and even now I encounter it face to face on occasion.  Let me say I don't have fond memories of my High School years. Luckily for me I had a wonderful family, a few good friends, and no social media to follow me home from school.  Now there is no escape from it. How sad. But Richard is right, those sad experiences in school stay with you in some dark corner of the spirit no matter how old you are.

I appreciate Richard's good intentions of wanting us to be more civil and polite to each other. We can use a bit more civility in this world. I thank him for sharing his memories and thoughts with us and for taking this issue on and using his fame to do something to help others, especially help young people. 

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