Saturday, July 11, 2015

Omar Sharif - A Star is Gone

I was once in the same building as Omar Sharif.  

No one bothered to tell me he was there, but I saw the photos after he left.  You see, I was working, in another part of the building, but if they would have told me, I would have dropped everything and run to meet him.  He's one of the stars of my favorite movie.  Of course, he was much older then, when he and I were in the same building. But his smile in those photos I saw later that day was the same as long ago, as all those unforgettable characters he created on screen when I first saw him: Sherif Ali, Dr. Zhivago, Nicky Arnstein....

Maybe one day I'll forgive people for not telling me he was in that building that day, but that day is not today.

Omar Sharif had one of the best introductions into our Hollywood International film star consciousness, if not the best:

A very handsome, charming, charismatic man:

He had the good fortune to also be a very good actor, and enjoyed a long career.  When he wasn't pursuing other pursuits, like playing bridge.

In the interview below he talks about his life and career:


Omar Sharif


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