Friday, October 2, 2015

31 Day Film Challenge - Day 1

I like these 30 or 31 Day Challenges as you know.  Saw this on Twitter. Yes, I'm a day late for October.

Between my work, busy and lots of additional projects and deadlines, and my melancholia at the moment, my brain can't deal with what to post.  I do know most of the world, if not all the world, is little concerned with whether I post or not, but I think about it.

So, here goes, Day 1, a day that will definitely age me.

Day 1: The First Film You Saw in Theaters:

Babes in Toyland

Walt Disney Film

 I'll let you look up the year!

Drove my parents crazy with singing the title song, and then they got the record, the soundtrack, and I insisted on having it always playing every day, every hour of the day!

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