Friday, January 29, 2016

Looks like Ziegfeld Theater in NYC is Closing

My photo Hobbit AUJ New York and US Premiere Dec 2012

My photo pre-Android Phone days - bad photo of theater inside
AUJ Premiere 

And since I know you can't tell, these were the people up on stage that night:

More about the closing of the historic Ziegfeld Theater at the link below:


I remember after standing outside to retrieve our tickets for the evening we entered the warm lobby, all reds and gold. On the way to look for our seats, with our free popcorn, and soda or water, we looked around the theater to see if we recognized anyone. Our seats were on the left hand side, last orchestra row. People were either wearing their fancy and formal party clothes, like we were, or dressed in jeans and sweaters. Lots of families.  

Suddenly there was a commotion in the theater, and we looked to our right to, to the next aisle over, and saw a group of mostly men rush in and go up on stage.  And then, a tall, slender, man in grey, hurried up the aisle. We knew the minute he appeared it was him. 

We were so excited to see him.

Peter Jackson and the studio execs did most of the talking and the introductions up on stage. PJ thanked us for coming and supporting the American Film Institute. Then everyone on stage came down and spread out to take their seats among the audience (or most did).  The tall man in grey was coming up our section of seats, and we hoped he would take the empty seat in front of us. But he sat about four rows down.  

The film started and I could feel my heart pounding at the though the man in grey was so close. I could also feel my nervousness for him

Then on screen that door opened, and The Voice said:


And I knew at that moment everything would be just fine.

Dear Hobbit Cast, Creatives, and Crew -Thank you for the memories.

For the man in grey:

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