Saturday, December 10, 2016

Richard Armitage - On Today Show (US) December 12 - Interesting Development

I had been wondering if the Richard Armitage appearing on the Today show on Monday, December 12, would the US Richard Armitage or our Richard Armitage.

Our Richard
Listing for NBC TWC NY

Today Show December 12 - TV Listing for NBC TWC NY 
Actor Richard Armitage; Golden Globe nominations with Dave Karger; Jimmy Buffett performs. Starring: Savannah Guthrie, Matt Lauer

Richard has only appeared in the Today show once, as far as I know, with Hoda and Kathie Lee back in the Hobbit days. They identified him then as the "Hobbit Actor". I'm glad for Richard they're now acknowledging he has a name. 

So what is he doing in this US morning chat/talk show on Monday?  

Next week is the last week for both Berlin Station and Love, Love, Love - both end on December 18. So if he's there to announce something, what could it be?

He's also been very quiet on social media. More quiet than usual, even on the release day of Romeo and Juliet: A Novel by David Hewson, performed by Richard Armitage, on Audible. 

Below my own thoughts and pure speculation - "Fake News" if you will. I have no knowledge of what he will be doing at the Today show on Monday.

What could Richard be talking about on the Today show December 12:

1.   Romeo and Juliet: A Novel - PR for the audiobook and Audible.

2.   Second season of Berlin Station...or Berlin Station available on Netflix, Amazon Video, of those.

3.    Doesn't look like LLLplay will be broadcast, or move to Broadway...but anything is possible.

4.     A new play with Yael New York 

5.   Some announcement connected with Universal Pictures, they are owned by NBC Universal, as is the Today Show.

Universal Pictures is working on films like...

Mortal Engines (Producers: Peter Jackson - Fran Walsh)

6.    None of the above.  One of the many things I enjoy about being a fan (or well-wisher) of Richard Armitage is the many times a new project has surprised me. 

We'll be watching on Monday

He's not saying, not even a clue so far

*Update 12/11/16:  So he's back, on Twitter and FB. Interesting post on FB by RA. Doesn't answer the question of what he'll be talking about tomorrow on Today, but maybe answers the question of Berlin Station S2 and Daniel Miller???  Was he negotiating his contract for S2?  Makes me happy he's back amongst us this Sunday.

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