Friday, January 6, 2012

PBS Joins the Reality Show Bandwagon with Market Wars

PBS (US Public Television) and the producers of the Antiques Roadshow have announced a new reality show/competition series called Market Wars.  

In each episode antique dealers will compete against the clock and each other to see who finds the most treasure and then scores big in a final auction segment. The contestants will have a budget and will use it to search for treasures nationwide in the US, including antique shops and flea markets. 

The 20-episode series will air summer/fall 2012.  If you're in the US, check with your local PBS station for the air dates.

I am a fan of the Antiques Roadshow, both the US version and the original British Antiques Roadshow and will see how PBS does with the reality show competition concept. I'm sure they are hoping to attract a new audience with the show and hope that they check out other PBS programming.


  1. Neat I have watched those shows before

  2. I loved watching BBC'S CASH IN THE ATTIC, while it was hosted by dreamy and impossibly gorgeous Alistair Appleton :)

  3. @Baur we'll have to see if the new show is as good as Antiques Roadshow!

    @Dezz I used to also watch Cash in the Attic, then either BBCA or Public TV moved it and I never saw it again!


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