Saturday, December 31, 2011

Anno 1790: New Swedish Mystery Series for the New Year

One new television series I am looking forward to in 2012 is new Swedish mystery Anno 1790.  I love that this is not only a mystery series but also a period drama with handsome men in period costumes. Really,what is there no to love.

The series stars Peter Eggers as Johan Gustav Dåådh a doctor who is made district commissioner after his heroic return from serving the Swedish King during the war with Russia.  Problem is that Dåådh has Republican ideas (remember the French Revolution) and also brings unorthodox methods to solving crime. He and his assistant and friend Simon Freud, played by Joel Spira, are opposites in many ways but believe in working for the greater good.  

Peter Eggers 

Joel Spira

According to all descriptions I've seen about the show there is also forbidden love involved between Dåådh and the wife of  his boss,  Police Chief Wahlestedt.  Linda Zilliacus  plays Magdalena Wahlestedt and Johan H: son Kjellgren plays Wahlestedt.

In the US the series starts Wednesday, January 4 at 9:00pm on the MHz Networks as part of the International Mystery series that now moves from Saturdays to seven days a week. 

To check out whether you can view MHz in your area go to their website at the link below:

Below is a trailer for the series Anno 1790.  No, I don't speak Swedish, but luckily the series itself on MHz will be in Swedish with subtitles.


  1. This series looks very good! Thanks for the link to that MHz channel. That may prove useful too.

  2. Happy New Year :)
    Wishing you a year of health,
    wealth, happiness, luck, warmth...
    And loads of love of your dear ones!
    Hope the New Year
    showers you with...
    All that is beautiful!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Sound really intriguing - haven´t heard of this one ( dont see so much sweedish tv as I used to as a child :-)). A mystery + men in cravats = it does get better ;-)

    Wishing you a gReAt new year.
    RA hugs

  4. Dear Phylly3, Jonia, and Alfie :)

    Very Happy New Year to you and wishes for a wonderful new year and anticipation of seeing The Hobbit and sharing the experience next new year! Thank you my dear RA friends.

    Jonia - thank you so much for the wonderful poem, that's lovely.

    I was very happy to see the previews for Anno 1790. I love international mysteries but so far all I've seen have been set in modern times. Yes in cravats!

    Phylly3 - I hope you can find a source for the program.

    "Hugs" All

  5. oooh, sounds interesting, you know I love historical shows, although maybe not this particular period, too much frills and lace :) and wigs :) But Swedish people like putting naughty things in their films and shows sooo..... :)

  6. @Dezz I'll let you know after I watch the first episode :) but it looks promising.

  7. Oh I hope I can catch up & view it too!! This looks so promising!

  8. @Fanny Episode #2 this Wednesday! Just from Episode #1 Peter Eggers character reminds me of Poldark :)


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