Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Do You Believe in Horoscopes?

I am perfectly serious about this.  Just a few minutes ago I was looking at my horoscope online and I Googled "Libra Horoscopes" and today's date and the one that came out on the top I clicked on it, and this is what it said. I kid you not:

"If ever you were to have a proclivity for intensity and drama, it would be this year. You easily could be mistaken for a drama queen or king. Communication, especially with those close to you, forces your mind’s eye to see beyond its current vista. Good luck comes through openness and detachment. Travel and/or education also will play a significant role in your life this year. If single, a friendship could be vital to a special relationship. If attached, do more as a couple. Work on your friendship, too. A party is always better with a Leo!"

OK, forget most of the Horoscope. The most important sentence of this particular one is the last one. There is one special Leo out there in the world.

A Clue:

My Special Leo, I'm ready to party, how about you?
Your Libra Woman 

To read more about Leo and Libra:


  1. My hope for your day
    Carries sunny thoughts your way,
    With laughter and celebration
    Headed your direction.
    May your Birthday today
    Be as sweet as honey!
    Happy Birthday Fabo :)

    1. My own birthday poem! You've made my day special dear Jonia.

      Thank you!


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