Thursday, October 4, 2012

More Hobbit Collectibles - Film Cells

I may be on the way to Hobbit Bankruptcy. More great stuff to spend our money on. Please notice Thorin portrait in the top pic!

News thanks to TheOneRing,net.  

If you want to purchase the cells, and there are more than the two I've posted, go to the link below:


  1. I think Aidan's Kili will be the biggest heartthrob after the film premiers. He will be like Orlando in LOTR. The same goes for Lee Pace when he appears in one of the parts... Meanwhile, my fave hobbit is Bombur :)

  2. Dezz, I think you're right about Aidan/Kili, I think he'll be the heartthrob for the younger fan, but for the adults the hearttrhob will be Thorin. He'll be the Viggo of this film.

    I feel a certain kinship with Bombur so I'm glad he's your favorite. He may be as good a cake baker and cook as you.

    Can you guess who my favorite is? :)

  3. I think Luke Evans will be Viggo of this film :P
    I've no idea who your fave is :PPP
    Wish they had Bombur, Thranduil or Bard plush toys like they have Thorin's :) It might be our only opportunity to sleep with them :))

  4. Ha! Ha! Ha! I think you're absolutely right. That is why I am rushing to buy that Thorin Plush Figure right now!!!!


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