Friday, October 12, 2012

Sharpe's Peril On Sharpe Sundays: The Long and Winding Road Home

Sharpe’s Peril
Having finished their mission in India Sharpe and Harper are on their way home to England.  On a stop along the way Sharpe is talked into taking a detour and escorting precious cargo to the fort of Kalimgong. The cargo turns out to be high maintenance bride-to-be  Mademoiselle Bonnet on her way to meet her fiancé, Major Joubert.

On the road they run into a group of traveler’s including members of the East India Company army, the King’s army, and an Indian princess and her group, who are also on the way to the fort.  While Sharpe and Harper are there the group is attacked by followers of the bandit Chitu.  The traveling group commander is seriously wounded and Sharpe is asked to help them by taking command. Despite Harper’s misgivings, Sharpe agrees.

The East India company troops are commanded by the very young Ensign Beauclere who worships his deceased soldier father. He has to deal with the very shady character of Colour-Sergeant Wormwood who has his own personal agenda. Sharpe is protective of the young Ensign, but he knows he has to keep an eye on Wormwood.  Sharpe’s biggest ally seems to be the company engineer Major Tredinnick. 

There’s also a prisoner among the group, a soldier named Barabbas with a family connection Sharpe knows way too well.  Who is he and why is he there?

Let’s not forget Dragomirov and his men! Back at the attack from Chitu it was Dragomirov and his fellow cavalry soldiers that save the day.  But is Dragomirov to be trusted?

What big surprise will Sharpe find at Fort Kalimgong? What is Wormwood up to? Will it be a boy or a girl for Major Tredinnick’s younger wife? Will Barabbas live up to his name? Will Sharpe deliver Miss Bonnet to her fiancé?

Please join new and longtime Sharpe fans for the Global Sharpe Watch this Sunday, October 14, 3:00pm EST/US, 8:00pm UK, 9:00pm Continent on Tweet Chat.  For all the details and "How To's" go to  Sharpe Lives Movie Club Facebook Page:

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Peril is the last episode in the Sharpe series and so we bid farewell this Sunday to Sharpe Sundays. It has been a wonderful experience to watch this legendary series together with an interesting, knowledgeable and fun group of new and veteran fans. 

Thank you to all who shared their knowledge of the Sharpe books and the Sharpe series with us.

We even had Paul Trussell, Rifleman Tongue, drop by on one Sharpe Sundays watch. Thank you sir.  

Thank you to my Sharpe Sundays partner Sin/iz4blue/Fanny or Sharpe Lives for coming up with the original idea and for organizing us all so well. 

A special Thank You to our steadfast group of Sharpe Sundays regulars.  A pleasure to share this journey with you every Sunday.

Will there be another Sharpe episode to give closure to the series? There have been rumors since Peril aired in 2008 that there is one in the works. Some have speculated that it will be somewhat based on Sharpe's Devil(Devil is the last (chronological) novel of Cornwell's Sharpe series.)  Some have speculated that Sharpe will go on an adventure to find his daughter Antonia who he hasn't seen since she was a baby.  All fans hope there will be one more episode and that Sharpe and Harper will march again. 

Thank you all who dropped by and read the Sharpe Sundays posts. Hope it will encourage all to watch the Sharpe series and read the novels by Bernard Cornwell. 

Thank you to Sean Bean Online and The Mighty Bean and many others for all the screencaps and pics used for the Sharpe Sundays posts. 


  1. Thank YOU! What a joy it has been, couldn't have done it without the enrichment of your wonderful posts!

  2. I would like to thank you all, for the company, tuition and patience you all had with me! These few weeks were of great joy and i started to admire BC even more! SB was a fave of mine from previous movies, but seeing him as such a hero was a landmark.
    Hope you invite me for the next Youtube meeting!!!
    I have no words but thank you all!!!!


  3. Hello Fanny and Teiteiforever!

    It's been a joy to share Sharpe Sundays with you and the regular gang and all who joined in.

    Teitei, check out Armitagewatch, on Fridays and the weekends. Don't know if we'll have another SB group watch, but so glad we did watch Sharpe together.

    Enjoy Peril today.

  4. Fabo, Just want you to know I've been trying to get on Twitter for past 15min and keep getting the fail whale. Assume you're experiencing the same. Really enjoyed the Disco Fever from Sabrina and Louie:D

    You're blog is looking great, as always.

  5. More fail whale warnings for me after getting back on for 5min. I'll keep trying - never had this problem during DWTS before tonight.

    I just noticed Sean Bean is wearing red sneakers in the photo at the top of this page:) He's such a cool dude at his age.

    Will try twitter again. Your Arabian knight Gilles is dancing right now;D

    1. Hi Ann,

      I keep getting the fail whale too. It just threw me out again saying Twitter was over capacity. I've never seen it this bad before.

      I loved Gilles dance, I thought he was great and I give him pointers for doing it!!!

      I thought SB looked good too! and yes those shoes.

      I'll keep trying to get back on Twitter too.


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