Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fantasy Casting - Lords of the North by Bernard Cornwell

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My favorite of all of Richard Armitage's audiobooks is The Lords of the North. I think the time has come to make this into a television series starring Mr. Armitage as Uhtred.  I'm sending out the call, not for the first time, to producers and directors out there.  It would be a great BBC/HBO series. Sharpe was a big hit, why not Cornwell's Saxon Stories.

For those unfamiliar with The Lords of the North or any of the other novels in the Saxon Stories series, below is the author setting the stage for Uhtred of Bebbanburg's life and times.

I tend to sometimes do some fantasy casting in my mind when reading a book, or in this case, listening to an audiobook. Richard Armitage is Uhtred. But who would I cast for some of the other characters since Richard can't play all the parts if it is a TV series?

As it happens I watch a fair amount of what's called Nordic Noir or Scandinavian Mystery TV series, so I'm familiar with some Swedish and Norwegian actors. I was thinking who would I cast for some of the roles, using UK actors for the Saxon characters and Scandinavian actors for the Danes/Vikings (click on the names to find out more about the actors)? See some of my choices below:

Richard Armitage - Uhtred

I have more characters and actors in mind, but I will leave it here for this post for now. What do you think? Who would you cast for The Lords of the North?


  1. Great idey, Fabolaktuko! I love the LotN as well in the way RA reads it and makes the story come alive.
    Your cast is excellent and so fitting for the characters!

    1. Hi C!

      So happy you liked my choices for the cast. Let's hope there's a producer out there who picks up on the idea of a series!

      Lots of good news about RA and Richard III lately. so hope for that soon too :)


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