Saturday, January 5, 2013

Part 2 - Lords of the North - More Fantasy Casting

FANTASY CAST:  Richard Armitage as Uhtred of Bebbanburg

So in my previous post I explained how I had set a goal, a game if you will, for myself to try and cast some of the characters in Bernard Cornwell's book the Lords of the North  (LOTN) with Scandinavian actors I know from TV series for the Danes/Vikings and UK or other actors for the Saxons.  Of course, Richard Armitage is Uhtred!

If you click on the names of the actors you don't know, you'll find out a bit about them, and maybe it will inspire you to look up some of their work. 

My inspiration is Richard Armitage's reading, or performance, of LOTN. Below a short excerpt:

To continue:

King Alfred - Benedict Cumberbatch

Ivar Ivarsson Ulf Friberg

Steapa - Graham McTavish


Kjartan the Cruel - Mikael Persbrandt

Father Hrothweard - Eddie Redmayne

 Suggested by a convo I had on Twitter

 I think I'll stop here for now. I must admit the casting of  Sven the One Eyed and Ragnar's sister Thyra has me stumped, and I'm still thinking about actors for other characters. 

Who would you cast if you were the casting director for this TV series?

Other pics from Google Images different sources, Richard Armitage pic from


  1. Happy New Year Fabo!
    I like your casting #1 and #2.
    Would you think very scandalous if I cast RA for Ragnar instead of Uhtred? :-)
    When Ragnar appeared in the book, he was Richard for me ;-)


    1. Very Happy New Year to you!

      I wouldn't think it scandalous at all! I like your idea of RA as Ragnar, though I hadn't thought about him as that character before (funny since he does all the voices in the book - LOL). If I get other suggestions on the comments, I may do a poll and see what happens.

      Glad you liked the fantasy casting posts.

  2. Its very nice to make these uhtred books in a film but please please please change the role of Uhtred!!! Uhtred is BLONDE not brunet!!! Please change role in my opinion this actor doesnt really seams like an right Uhtred!! (sorry for my englissh :) its not the best )

    1. He's my favorite actor, so for me, It's either Richard Armitage or no one, but I will accept that he could wear a blonde wig. Richard is an actor used to changing his hair color :)

      Do you know Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series? In the first books, Richard Sharpe is tall, and dark, with dark brown hair. In the very successful TV series, Sharpe was played by a blonde actor, Sean Bean. It was such a great success, even Cornwell like it, and changed his description of Sharpe in the books just enough so you thought of the actor who played him in the show. So it can happen, a change of hair color.

  3. He'll need to die his hair blonde as the Danes were (and are still) famously blonde.

    His blonde hair was a ticket to many a location in the series because people assumed he was a Dane.


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