Friday, July 26, 2013

My Three Thorins

 Love and hugs to all three!  and to the entire cast. 

I'm nostalgic already 

Richard and the two other Thorins belong to Peter Jackson's FB page from tonight:

We're battling on, shooting Thorin in a climatic duel for the third movie. Finishing the entire shoot with the end of his story. Fitting I guess. It's obviously not the very end of the movie itself. That scene was actually shot about 2 years ago. But it's tough emotional stuff to punch on with into the night. Keeps us on our toes until the bitter end!

From Peter Jackson's FB Page tonight


  1. Nice wrap at your blog as well, Fabo. Well, meaning your final report of live shooting - naturally we'll continue to keep an eye on Richard's career with great expectations for the future.

    I just caught up on PJ's FB posts for the final Hobbit day and was tickled to see he started the day by hugging Smudge and ended it the same way. How many men would have the confidence to post those 2 photos on their FB page? haha Kudos to a fine director and man.

  2. Thanks :)

    I now have a crush on Mr. Smudge.

    We all hope we have some news soon about what's in the future for dear RA. I hope he's taking a bit of time off to relax, hope they all are.


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