Thursday, July 11, 2013

North and South with Richard Armitage on US TV Channel INSP July 14

My hope is that after this Sunday, July 14, Richard Armitage will have many new fans in the US after they watch him as John Thornton on the Inspiration (INSP) network.

Don't miss the "INSP Network Premiere" of all four episodes of North & South starting at 8:00pm this Sunday, July 14.  

To find out if you have INSP in your area with your cable or satellite TV service provider click on the link below and type in your zip code:

I have never watched INSP before, but I found out my cable provider did indeed have this channel. Though I own the DVD  I will tune in at 8:00pm on Sunday and watch part of it thinking of all the people around the country watching for the first time, or those like me, watching to feel we are joining in the moment. 

Below is a link to the INSP page about North & South:

 and below the trailer on their site:


Images thanks to Fanpop

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