Saturday, July 20, 2013

Poll Results Update! Poll: What Kind of Cereal Would Richard Armitage Be?

UPDATE 7/28/13 - Poll Results are in

Richard is Chocolate Malt-O-Meal 

It's hot, and it's chocolate 

Thank you sahraobsessed for her winning cereal entry:

Chocolate Malt-o-Meal
1)It's a HOT cereal - Richard is HOT
2)It's a chocolate cereal - Richard loves chocolate
3)It's a nutritious cereal - Richard is fit
4)It's delicious - I eat up everything about him
5)I'd lick the bowl clean -'nough said

Poll is on the right hand sidebar

 Why the poll and why cereal?  Read the post below this one to find out more and also read the comments to see the cereal suggestions and why the commenter selected a particular cereal as being "Richard Armitage"

(There was also one suggestion from a twitter pal)

You can vote until the evening of July 27 (EST)

I'll update this post with the results after July 27

Thank you all who commented and contributed your cereal suggestions and thank you Servetus for encouraging contributions to the poll on your blog.

*Dear Richard, if you're reading this by some miracle of the heavens, don't forget to vote for your favorite.


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