Saturday, March 1, 2014

Robin Ellis Reacts to news - Aidan Turner will be Ross Poldark

Aidan in Desperate Romantics

Robin Ellis posted on his blog about the decision to cast Aidan as Ross Poldark:

"Just needs to add the scar and he's away!

Congratulations to him--I hope he has as much fun as we did filming this wild and wonderful saga written in 12 books over a sixty year period by Winston Graham.

Forty years ago this November I went for the first of three auditions for the part, knowing little about Winston Graham and less of the books.

A brief glance at the first book of the saga, Ross Poldark, was enough--I seriously wanted him to be me or vice versa.

I had to go through two more nail-biting sessions in front of producer and directors before finding myself in the position Aidan is in today….

...Cast to play Ross Poldark."


"Aidan and I share a common debt to Winston, for giving us the chance to play a difficult, contrary, complex man often out of his time."

"It's a roller coaster of a ride!"

To read the rest of Robin Ellis' post about the casting of Aidan Turner as Ross, click on the link below: 

As for me, I have mixed feelings. No secret that I would have loved for Richard Armitage to be the next Ross Poldark. He would have been perfect as Ross.  But I've been a fan of Aidan's since Being Human, and I know he'll do a good job.

My Ross Poldark will always be Robin Ellis


  1. Great post. I remember seeing some of the original series...but only vaguely. I'll have to go find it! It does strike me that Aidan may be a bit young for the role -- but we'll wait to see what he does with it :)

    1. Hello Mary Jane,
      Some of the episodes are on YouTube I think. I believe Robin Ellis was 35 or close to that age, but in the book when Ross first comes home he's younger. Of course in she series Ross Poldark ages, so it worked perfectly for him. I like Aidan, and am curious to see him also. Something to look forward to.

  2. Thanks for linking to this -- Ellis was appropriately gracious and the fans were ... well, fans. Honestly, I can see why there'd be a big barrier to wanting to step into a remake like this. When 3/4 of the respondents say there'll never be another Poldark for them?

    1. For me also, Robin Ellis will always be my Poldark. But I could see Richard Armitage putting his own stamp on Ross and making it his own. Aidan I think will do a good job. Even if based on a series of books, all series and films are affected by the times when they are adapted and made. It's bound to be a different Poldark than in the 70's. That will help Aidan. There was a remake of sorts in the 80's or 90's I think that was not successful. I didn't even watch it.

  3. I don't care at all, and would probably only have watched this had Armitage been cast, but Aidan Turner seems to understand his craft. I just hope the fans can see that ...


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