Saturday, March 15, 2014

Richard Armitage Has A Brand New Film!

Never a dull moment, being a Richard Armitage fan

Richard will be playing Chop in the new film Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew

The character of Chop is based on the man in this mini doc - Bernard Hare

Bernie Hare and The Shed Crew from andy robbins on Vimeo.

After the video, check out the film's website:

They're filming now in Leeds for 6 weeks
(Movie fans of Leeds, take photos for us) broke the news earlier today, check out the site for the latest news on this new project:'

First the Hamlet audiobook a few weeks ago, and now Richard back home in the UK to film what seems like a challenging character and we hope a rewarding movie experience. 

Happy Day for Armitage Fans

Update March 21, 2014:

Richard Armitage as Chop


  1. Thank you for this,Fabo .
    Bernard Hare...Thank God that such a people exists !
    I'm somehow proud of Richard becouse I want to belive he is intereted in those problems.

    1. Hi Joanna - I do think he cares, think RA is a sensitive person. Liked his comments on the Anglophile interview about filming in Detroit. Think he's interested and engaged and sensitive to what he sees around him, wherever he travels or lives. Like you, I like that about him very much. Lots more news about this film in our future :)

  2. This was just the greatest news. A wonderful way to end the week!

    1. It was - looking forward to more news soon


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