Sunday, March 30, 2014

Richard Armitage at the Jameson Empire Awards

Ponytail is driving me crazy too, but not for the same reasons Richard mentioned.

I love it. 

Forgot to say, click on the image, and there's sound too. 

Photos -Zimbio

Evening time for me-long after the awards: 

Dear Richard, 

Sorry we didn't have enough votes to give you the well deserved Best Supporting Actor award. You are the best as far as I'm concerned, and in my heart, you were, and always are, the winner.


I'm very happy Aidan Turner won - Congratulations Aidan

Best Newcomer


  1. I love the ponytail too, even though I know why people might not. He's just too beautiful for words! Sigh.

    1. Really? Why would some people not like it? I care not, I love it :)

      Thanks Servetus for loving it too.


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