Thursday, April 3, 2014

I've Got A Crush On You Sweetie Pie

Yes I do

Here's a few examples of why 
(and he's handsome and dashing too)

I'm sorry they took down the full, unedited, version of the BBC Midlands Interview. It's a wonderful interview, one of his most personal in a lovely way, and well worth seeing. Hope they change their minds and put it up again. I will leave this here in memory of the interview.

Go to the wonderful Richard Armitage Central for a transcript HERE and there:

(Just listen to Richard kids...he has the best advise)

Thank you also

Update 4/7/2014

Oh Richard, I have a passion for Lucas North too

Are you listening Spooks Movie makers?  Bring back Lucas 

(Better looking than you? Sweetheart, that person does not exist in this world)


  1. My crush on him also just keeps getting bigger and better.


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