Friday, April 11, 2014

La Casa Matusita

Sorry, video in Spanish only 

Video is about the legend of this house in Lima, Peru, Casa Matusita, allegedly strange and scary things happen there. There are a number of ghost stories associated with the location and the house dating back to colonial days. 

Didn't he say he was looking to do more comedy? 

Will Richard Armitage star in this film-The Secret of Casa Matusita?

I'm happy that he's busy 


  1. I'd be cool / pleased with this if he wants to do it -- lots of psychological challenge there, I bet. And a nice entry into the Latin American film market which is huge, and that cinema is really hot right now artistically. Would be better if he had to learn Spanish to do it -- that would be really attractive.

    1. Lots of conflicts with the dates, if only he could clone himself! (then, I would want one of the clones!) If he needs Spanish lessons, I would also gladly sacrifice my time. Seriously, maybe they'll postpone if they really want him for the film and let him do The Crucible . Busy year ahead if we count the ITS and Hobbit promos.

    2. Yeah -- I can imagine it's dicey with The Crucible and the ITS promotion *and* ComicCon -- there's no way he can absent himself totally from all of that. He's the headliner, he has to be at at least some of that stuff, and it's distracting to do that in the middle of a stage run, I bet. The right play, the right theater, the wrong time ... it'll be interesting to see what he decides.

      Thanks also for taking such a sensible attitude toward this. The more I read about how *of course* the Old Vic is the right choice, the tireder I get.

      I support you giving him Spanish lessons. I'd love to, but i fall down on the "rr" sound. :)


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