Thursday, December 4, 2014

Photos I Loved Today

Good Morning Sunshine

My favorite photo from The Hobbit PR Junket So Far 
Three Favorite Men in Paris 

By the way Peter Jackson, I so agree with you about Richard Armitage as the perfect James Bond and Martin Freeman as his perfect Villain, and with you as director!! Please, what can we do to help make this happen soon.

Fraser Kelly and Richard Armitage - Urban and the Shed Crew

How can a man with dirty, shaggy hair, and clothes that looks like he's slept in them for ages, look so beautiful 

(Photos from Twitter, Richard Armitage Central, and The Wall Street Journal online) 


  1. :) Richie presents quite popular style of napping . We call it " ashtray" ;) the other two are "woodpeckers".

    1. Ha! Ha! I like that, I'm going to steal that from you next time I catch someone napping that way


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