Friday, December 19, 2014

Working with Richard Armitage


Thorin represents for Fili and Kili someone whom they would like to follow in his footsteps, and seeing him lose his mind through the third film is something that they are both very aware of. It was amazing to watch Richard’s performance… looking back on it now it’s quite phenomenal.

Martin Freeman:

" didn't take me long with Richard to like him, I think he's a very decent person, you know – not just a laugh or whatever, a very solidly decent human being. He's fairly quiet, he keeps himself to himself in a way that I respect because I understand that as well."…/the-hobbit-star-martin-freeman-not-

Peter Jackson: 

“It’s hard because he’s not a scene-stealer,” Jackson said (about Richard Armitage) in an interview with The Times earlier this year from his New Zealand home. “He’s just a quiet, strong, powerful presence who is the backbone of the story. This time around … he lets go a little bit, he’s able to really crank it up and dominate the movie in a way. His strengths are all on display here, that’s for sure.”

Ian McKellen:

“It’s not easy to play a troubled hero,” says McKellen. “You want your hero to carry the day without a care in the world and be as good looking as Richard is. But Richard carries inside Thorin a soulfulness which is necessary, which Gandalf doesn’t really know how to cope with ...
“Richard’s done very well and his reward is the absolutely leading character, the one dwarf that really sticks out"
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