Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hannibal Tonight - Tweet from Richard Armitage this morning


  1. Hi - I'm @FrauVonElmDings and obviously I must have annoyed you in the past, because you've blocked me on twitter. I know that I can be a quite annoying person, so - in a way - I'm alright with that ;-)
    As I like your blog I wanted to ask you nevertheless if you'd like to participate in the second round of my astrological "Richard's chemistry with ... Bloggers" series?
    Don't know if you've read the first part, or any of my other astro musings about Richard, so I'll provide the link:
    So, feel free to ignore me, or give me some feedback if you are interested - I'm looking forward to hearing from you :)
    warmly, Nadja

    1. Hello Nadja,

      I'm glad you took my blocking you with equanimity (if that's the correct word to use). I get blocked also, and I feel it's sometimes the only way to survive on twitter. I guess I understand blocking!

      Maybe it's my latin temper, I can become annoyed quickly, and emotionally, but given time it will pass. Until the next time :)

      I just read your blog and your post about "Richard's chemistry with Bloggers" - I really liked it, and I know some of those featured bloggers blogs. Interesting post. A few years ago I wrote a funny (well, I thought it was funny) about RA and me and our astrological signs. But you really have the astrological knowledge.

      I think I am interested in participating, always looking for that cosmic "connection" with RA. Look forward to hearing more about it.

      I appreciate the kind words about my blog - thank you.



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