Sunday, August 30, 2015

Have Umbrella - Will Travel

Dear Richard,

RE: Have umbrella and will travel

I have great collection of umbrellas. I have experience standing in line for hours to see you in person, so standing around for hours next to you would be a dream "devoutly to be wished". I also love to travel and have been told I'm a good travel companion. Like you, I'm a quiet person, so would leave you alone with your character marinade (unless you wanted to talk, of course).

Please consider this an application for your personal traveling umbrella holder.

(Mads, for you too of course).


By the way Richard, I'm good with ice packs too, if you should need that again.

(my eternal admiration for all those who work behind the scene in the entertainment industry, movies, TV, theater, all of those wonderful things we get to enjoy, and never think about all those working so many hours to make it happen)

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