Saturday, June 27, 2020

Audiobook Challenge 2020 - July Audiobook

Listening Books Challenge July Audiobook

An Audiobook About Sport

Sports would be my least favorite book genre.  

If not for this audiobook challenge I would most likely not read a book about sports.  I've watched movies about sports from time to time, but a book,  an audiobook, that's something different.

So to the rescue comes favorite actor Sean Bean.

Yes, OK, they are children's books, but that's about right for me and sports

One of my favorite Sean Bean narrated books, King Arthur an the Knights of the Round Table. is also categorized as a Junior Classic.

I would recommend the tales of King Arthur to young and those young at heart. Really an audiobook for the entire family. 

I've never listened to the two football books that Sean recorded, so now is the perfect time.

I did look for another sports audiobook Sean recorded (picture below), but couldn't find it anywhere, at least in the US.

In closing this post, my favorite Sean Bean sports ad:

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