Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Memories and Media: Richard Armitage and a Mid-Career Retrospective

Richard Armitage is on the threshold of world wide fame. As admirers of his amazing skills and talent I think his fans feel very proud that he was cast as one of the leads for "The Hobbit."  His success is much deserved, he's trained and worked very hard to achieve it. 

But like many, of his fans I worry about the scale of publicity and media and fandom that await him.  I worry that the poor guy will be asked the "circus" question constantly, in every language!

I thought a good way to put in perspective the issue of Richard's growing fame was to look back in video format at his TV and film career so far through the media coverage  he's received since he was billed as  "smug man at party" in  a 1999 film.  

So what do you think about the media coverage RA has received so far in his career? Are you looking forward to international media coverage and seeing him interviewed on your favorite talk show or by your favorite journalist outside the UK?  Would love your comments! 

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  1. I'm looking forward to more bearded interviews! :) I think he handled himself very well at "The Hobbit" press conference last month. I hope the international journalists leave the boring ol' circus question out of it.

  2. There are few pleasures I enjoy more than Richard Armitage TV interviews. More, more, more please! How great it will be if and when he comes to America on talk shows to promote The Hobbit someday. His fanbase will go through the roof! My favorite interview so far is what I call "the blue shirt interview" of Richard Armitage on GMTV in 2009. He's clean-shaven and looks so lovely! But I like seeing him in all phases of facial hairdom. ;)

  3. Musa, the answer is yes, I'm looking forward to seeing or reading an Australian interview with Richard. I'm not sure it is going to happen however but I live in hope. I suspect he is managing to lead a very anonymous existence over in Wellington. According to a lady who met him at the recent charity cricket match, no one knew who he was in NZ. This is fairly evident when you see the likes of James Nesbitt, Martin Freeman and Ian McKellen forever in The Hobbit news - the only time we have seen RA is at the press conference and he barely got a word in. I think I posted over at Traxy's blog (can't remember now as there are so many of us) that I would be surprised if we hear anything from RA until TH is released next year ..... unless he does something for CA or Strike Back 2.

    Having said that, I did ask our ABC if they would interview him for the airing of Spooks 9. I can dream ....lol.

  4. ....I have GOT to start going to more charity cricket matches!

    The circus question will come up again & again here in North America simply because it's never been asked over here. Those of us who "know" RA previous to TH press saturation will have to bear & grin it just as RA will.

  5. I feel ambivalent about future interviews. The past was a mixed bag, yet enlightening. I guess we'll never see a "Beaus with Bows" interview ever again (Though it did cross a line. Maybe.) I imagine that in the future grand ruckus, he will give canned answers. On the other hand, if it means more pix of him, so BRING IT ON!

    (But I will still whinge about any suspected glib. :))

  6. Richard gives very intelligent and interesting interviews; I really enjoy reading and watching them. My favourite TV interview is "the blue shirt" one too. The short Interview given in his Spooks trailer was also very good, he looks very comfortable and happy.
    I have mixed feelings about the huge Hobbit Media coverage, wonder how RA will cope being under the spot light.

  7. I'm really sort of hostile to demands that he do something more in the "great art" vein, and yet the only way we'll ever get a reasonably sophisticated interview from him from a thoughtful reviewer will be if he's in something like that ... so I am torn. On the other hand, the fact that he is able to answer the same questions repeatedly has clearly made him more comfortable in interviews, which is a relief to watch.


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