Wednesday, November 2, 2011

King Richard Armitage Fan - Art Results Day 1: Sartorial Splendor

Welcome to King Richard Armitage Results Day #1!  If you don't know the background and how the King Richard Armitage Project (KRA) got here, click on the link below:

Starting November 2 the King Richard Armitage website is highlighting the artwork and the artists who contributed to the Fan-Art Event.

I'm very happy to be one of the participating KRA blogs and the plan is that I and my fellow bloggers will also feature the artwork every week for the next few weeks.

The first work is from a wonderful artist who wishes to remain anonymous:


To find out more about her and her art, and to really get a good view of the work above, go to the King Richard Armitage site to read an interview with the artist:

So CDoart asked us to look at the wonderful artwork and to use our imaginations and consider for this post  what would have happened if Richard III of England had won the Battle of Bosworth Field. 

If we look at portraits of the real Richard III, he really was a nice looking man and not the Shakespeare caricature we are familiar with.  

But lets say that he had an amazing resemblance to Richard Armitage and was always dressed with the sartorial splendor we see above exclusively in rich fabrics of black and red. I think Richard III would have become the fashion and style icon of the age. 

Famous artists would flock to England to paint his portrait.  There would be paintings of him mounted on his horse ("my kingdom for a horse"), or standing in some heroic pose, or as imagined by our featured artist, with an intense and brooding look. The portrait of handsome and splendid King Richard would travel around the royal houses of Europe and noble ladies and their daughters would swoon at the thought of him. Marriageable royal ladies throughout Europe would have their portraits painted and delivered to King Richard III for his consideration. 

Noble men would copy his hairstyle and that elegant hat.  Many and varied rings to adorn long aristocratic fingers would be much coveted by both men and women. All men, regardless of their place in society, would try to copy some of his style. The White Rose of York would be seen everywhere as the ‘it” symbol of the age. 

(disclaimer: all this speculation is just for fun you know)

Please make sure to visit my fellow participating KRA bloggers this week:

What do you think would have happened if Richard III had won the Battle of Bosworth


  1. I very much like your stylish idea about a Richard Revolution in art and fashion ;o)

  2. @CDoart Hi C! So glad you liked it :)
    Love your interview on KRA with the artist.

  3. I like the artwork, it's quite lovely :)

  4. @Dezz So glad you liked it. Stay tune for more in the next few weeks :)


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