Wednesday, November 9, 2011

King Richard Armitage Fan-Art - Results Day #2 - Bccmee Gif and More

The King Richard Armitage website is highlighting the artwork and the artists who contributed to the Fan-Art Event. 

Today the KRA site and participating bloggers are highlighting an artist who needs no introduction among Richard Armitage fans: 


Her submission is a whimsical gif inspired by Richard Armitage and Richard III.  

Go to the KRA website to see Bccmee's gif, a beautiful video, interview, and much more by clicking on the link below:

Bccmee is a masterful vidder and an amazing graphic artist. But what is more amazing to me is that she is a talented teacher.  Right now on her blog we can  truly see the artist and the teacher at work:

This is the perfect opportunity to also thank her for her encouragement of  fan art and videos created by fellow RA fans. I know from personal experience that her comments are always insightful, encouraging, and fun. 

So in the unlikely case that you're reading this post and are not familiar with her work, below are some of my favorite Bccmee videos. Oh, make sure you watch the videos past the credits:

So what are some of your favorite Bccmee videos? 

To read more about the King Richard Armitage project click on the link below:


  1. Hi Fabo, I would like to take part in BCC’s appreciation page.

    I like her videos because they tell stories of their own inside the original TV scripts. Each video is an emotion in images perfectly matched to song.

    John Porter’s video I like most, because it tells a story of courage and compassion. Porter is the brave soldier with a conscience that is always ready to help the weakest.

    I like how BCC re-edited the sequence of saving children and sister with a song emotionally very strong as a soundtrack.

  2. Bccmee really has an extraordinary talent to tell stories, in her gif's, in her videos and helps others to develop their stories. I fully agree with LadyCassia!
    One of my favourites also is the Missa Creola video, but my all time favourite from bccmee is: "Allison Crowe - Halleluja".
    Cold shivers always rund up and down my spine when I watch that video and I am totally impressed what gripping story she created with the material from Strike Back.
    But I am also greatly impressed what bccmee did with the Spooks 9 material. (Everything suddenly made much more sense in Spooks 9 ;o)

  3. Thanks very much for your kind words of support. Hopefully I'll be making a few more fanvids before the year is up, if time allows. :)

    I'm delighted you reminded us of your fanvid "Percy's Tango" as it's really enjoyable to watch again!

  4. @bccmee My pleasure! A special thank you for the tutorials :)

    @CDoart Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the King Richard Armitage group. I agree with all you say in your comment, though I don't think even bccmee could make me understand Spooks 9.

    @LadyCassia You said exactly how I feel about bccmee's Porter video above and why it is one of my favorites.

    Thanks all for your comments - much appreciated.


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