Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Results Day #4 - King Richard Armitage Fan-Art: RIIKKA

The King Richard Armitage Website (KRA) is highlighting the artwork and the artists who contributed to the Fan-Art Event in October.

Today the KRA artist in the spotlight is:


To read a wonderful interview with the artist and really see her beautiful work plus a lovely video of Riikka's art and stories by CDoart go to the King Richard Armitage site at the links below:

Riikka's inspiration is the historical King Richard III of England, but her artwork and stories have a definite fantasy element. King Richard rides again after the Battle of Bosworth as a ghost.  

Below are only a few examples of Riikka's work, you can see much more by going to the KRA website.

Riikka was inspired by the historical king, but I can see a resemblance with Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne not only physically but in the aura of the character as well.

Maybe Riikka's work, and the work of all the KRA fan artists will inspire the look of a future Richard III series with RA. 

Richard Armitage screencaps thanks to RichardArmitageNet.com


  1. What a wonderful comparison and the parallels between drawings and RA as Guy of Gisborne are clearly visible in the pictures you chose, Fabolaktuko.
    What a great King Richard Armitage ;o)

  2. Thanks for keeping us posted! I'm watching the video right now. Totally fabulous. :)

  3. How intriguing to see the pictures of Guy next to Riikkas pictures. Hello moviemakers/moneymen there cant be any doubt: Richard Armitage MUST play King Richard III :-)

  4. @CDoart @bccmee @Alfie Thank you all for your great comments and support :) I have high hopes after The Hobbit that King Richard with Armitage will happen. Thank you CDoart for KRA!

  5. I love Rikka's work, and the similarity to Guy is striking.

  6. Share your hopes for the Richard III project actually happening after the Hobbit.
    Fantastic work Rikka, the similarity to Guy is amazing!

  7. nice work, ladies! Richard really ought to buy you all a dinner for your effort :)

  8. @Dezz From your mouth to RA'S ear!!!!


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