Saturday, November 5, 2011

Old Skills - New Adventures: Latest Hobbit Video Blog

I've watched Peter Jackson's latest Hobbit Video Blog a few times now and, as in the previous videos, there is much to absorb and much to love.  There was the thrill of seeing an old friend, Frodo (Elijah Wood) with 3D glasses and glimpses of new friends to come in Dwarves and Hobbit.

Watching Richard Armitage as Thorin in this video I feel he must be having a great time using and improving old skills in this amazing new adventure:

Thorin (Richard Armitage) with Orcrist


  1. why do I have a strange impression that you are a teensy weensy excited about THE HOBBIT, Fabo? :)))

  2. Dezz, I can't imagine why you would think so.


  3. I kept looking for RIchard in the Hobbit video blogs, ahah. I'm thrilled to see him as part of the excellent cast, but I wish he weren't covered up by all that hair/beard. I mean, he's got such a great face, y'know. I so want to see him as a futuristic Robin Hood, with those leather outfit he wore so well as Guy of Gisbourne... swoooon.

    Btw, I mentioned him in my crush post today. Well, how could I not?? :D

  4. @ruth Hi! Loved your crush post and couldn't agree more about Guy and leather -LOL- I hope those blue eyes shine through all the Thorin hair!
    Thank you so much for your comment :)

  5. What's interesting is he said in one interview that Orcrist is really heavy. Must be heavier than the broadsword he used in Robin Hood. I remember he said in RH they used swords that were not as heavy as the genuine thing because the actors would not be strong enough to wield them. So I'm wondering if Orcrist is more accurately weighted. Either that or the thing is not well balanced, which I can believe looking at it here. Reminds me of a guillotine blade (made just for decapitating goblin heads!)

  6. @heirsofdurin Looking forward to seeing Thorin with Orcrist! I love swords and swordplay in films of course and am very excited about seeing RA with sword swashbuckling again. Very interesting your comment about the weight of the I wonder as well about Orcrist. They really have to be in shape to film with those swords then.


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