Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sean Bean in Los Angeles: Interview and Clip from Mirror, Mirror

For longtime fans, he really doesn't get asked anything original, but I like what he has to say about his new films, his career, and his life. I've noticed in recent years he's been more open - in Sean's own quiet way - about life in general. Enjoy. 


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  1. Not a trace of conceit and no attempts to impress anyone. The more I know him the more I like him. It seems that Sean Bean is not only great actor but also a good person.

    1. Hi Joanna - Thanks for watching and for your great comments. Those are several of the reasons why I've been a fan for so long.

      I think he's played a villain so many times in Hollywood films that I fear many think that's who he is in real life - LOL

  2. Great SB interview, Fabo. Really enjoyed seeing Sean coping with the sometimes rude questions from the LA morning show. I've never seen that duo conduct an interview before, and found their "rough" stereotype questions to be personally insulting to the actor. Truth be told - her raspy-sounding voice has a "rough around the edges" tone to it, however no one who has learned basic manners would ever say that outloud to her:)

    Sean handled himself, as always, with great dignity and diplomacy. It is LA afterall - once that's taken into consideration the moderators insensitive remarks are more easily understood.

    Thanks for the vid - his disdain for the spotlight, unless necessary for professional reasons, is so similar to Richard Armitage's attitude toward celebrity. both men claim Northern England roots - perhaps that somewhat explains why they are such refreshingly humble celebrities.

    1. Hi Ricrar! First time for me too seeing the LA morning show and the hosts. I also thought Sean did a good job of answering some not well thought out questions. I'm glad you enjoyed the interview.

      Yes, I also like that very much in both men. Maybe the Northern England connection???


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