Friday, March 2, 2012

Almost Heaven: Boromir and Thorin Together in The Hobbit

Thanks to Hobbit Video Blog #6 my dream almost came true.

In the latest wonderful Hobbit behind-the-scenes Video Blog from Peter Jackson we get a glimpse of both Sean Bean as Boromir and Richard Armitage as Thorin.  Almost Heaven...

If you haven't seen the new video blog, go immediately to the link below:

Watching the lovely glimpses of Richard Armitage at work as Thorin (well, the rest of the cast too) I was very taken by a particular scene with RA and his new horse.  

I hope that Richard's horse in Robin Hood, Ritchie, 

isn't jealous when he sees this scene (see video clip) of how well Thorin (Armitage) and his new horse have perfected the joint hair toss. 

Oh, and for my fellow Being Human fans, there's also a lovely glimpse of  Kili (AidanTurner) in the clip.

So glad that Peter Jackson included a clip of the filming of Lord of the Rings in his new video blog, bringing the new and the old cast together. 

Sean Bean (Boromir) was recently interviewed on the Jonathan Ross Show and he talked about Lord of the Rings, living and filming in New Zealand for a year, and helicopters. Ties in perfectly with the new vidblog.  See vidlet below for a clip of the interview.

I do have one request for Peter Jackson for the next video blog.  Please ask Richard Armitage at least one question so we can hear his beautiful voice.

I'm off to watch Hobbit Video Blog #6 again - I still haven't seen every little glimpse of Thorin.  

What did you all think of the new video blog? 

Addendum:  Having watched VidBlog #6 now a few times, did PJ say we wouldn't see Laketown until 2013? Hint about where in story movie #1 will end?  


  1. I love your clip! That was definitely the highlight of the vlog for me! The other starring role was the scenery!
    I was happy to see the barrel scene, but they would have all sunk without the tops being put on the barrels - so...?
    Good thing they didn't get caught in that storm!
    Thanks for a super post!

    1. My heart did go out to him when he got into that barrel knowing his fears.

      Thanks Phylly :)

  2. I can't get over how ridiculously cute Thorin and his pony are. Too funny that both are wearing costumes to make them look like smaller versions; man to dwarf, and horse to pony. The horse appears as irritated with his shaggy mane as Richard is with his!

    1. Yes, isn't he just adorable! I thought the same, that Richard and his pony were sharing a moment there of mutual understanding. Thanks for putting it so perfectly :)

  3. Hi Fabolaktuko!
    Our dear Richard appears to be happy:)
    Never thought that Sean Bean is so nice and kinda shy:)

    1. Hi Joanna!

      Sean Bean is very shy. In many ways he's not at all like his macho man reputation :) Let's hope we see more of RA in the next vid blog!

      Thank you for your lovely comment.

  4. Interesting post, Fabo - I second your plea to director Jackson to pleassssse ask Richard at least one question for the next Hobbit vblog.

    1. Thank you :) Hope PJ hears us for the next one.

  5. Ooh yes! We definitely need some Thorin vocalizing in the next vlog. Pretty please, Sir PJ? Cheers! Grati ;->

    1. Hi Grati! Let's hope PJ hears us! PLEASE


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