Monday, March 26, 2012

Poll Results: Musical Movie Role for Richard Armitage

The results are in for the poll "Which Musical Should Richard Armitage Star In After The Hobbit?"

The Winner is:

My Fair Lady with 58% of the vote

In Second Place:

Kiss Me Kate with 29% of the vote

In Third Place:

Other with 12% of the vote

Suggestions for other musicals for Richard from the Comments:

Phantom of the Opera

The Scarlet Pimpernel 
The Musical 

Les Miserables

The Sound of Music

To read the FanstRA post that led to this poll click HERE.

Thank you so much for votes and for your great suggestions of other musicals for Armitage to star in. Something to look forward to in the future? 


  1. Darn it! I missed voting on this! I haven't seen Kiss me Kate but that sounds interesting. You know I would have voted for The Sound of Music! ;)

    1. I love the Kiss Me Kate film with Howard Keel. Would recommend it as great fun and great dancing too.
      RA would be great as Von Trapp, how could Maria not fall for him!

  2. I voted for Kiss me Kate!, but I'm happy with the results. What I probably didn't consider is that Petruchio is really a tough role and requires the skills of a baritone (not impossible for Mr. A, but really a challenge).

    Professor Higgins is probably easier to perform.
    Lovely poll, I liked it!

    1. You're right about the role of Petruchio/Fred in KMK, but I think RA has enough of a baritone singing voice and he could certainly do a great deal with the wit and Shakespearean references in the lyrics to the songs that he wouldn't need to have the singing voice of a Howard Keel.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the poll! Great to share with others that love musicals :)

  3. Voted for Kiss Me Kate, too. (because I don't REALLY wish a re-make of MFL. :D Rex was too iconic. As Mr. A is a baritone (lovely voice, though not a really trained singer)he could pull it off. After all, Rex couldn't sing at all, and musically talked the role. :D


    1. Excellent point fitz- Rex H couldn't sing and Richard Armitage actually does sing - and I'm sure he can "talk" the lyrics to perfection in any song.

      If I had my preference, I think a musical that has not been made into a movie, or one created for him, would be the best. A role RA could make his own. But it is fun to imagine...

  4. Missed the poll, fabo, but would luvvv to see RA in either Phantom of the Opera or My Fair Lady. Of the two, the latter has the edge. He'd make such a stern, stickler of a teacher for Eliza Doolittle(with erotic tension throw into the mesmerizing mix) -- can almost hear that basso voice singing "the rain in Spain lies mainly on the plain":)

    1. Hi Ann,

      Sorry you missed the poll :( You are the poll expert - I'm far less creative in my polls!
      Yes indeed, very good point that he would bring that erotic tension,and that smoldering look, that was not really there with Rex I think.

  5. Wow I'm stunned that my first choice won. On my own polls, my preference is usually in last place, LOL!

    Great idea for a poll. Now if only RA would really appear in a musical. ♪ ♫ ♫ *sigh* Life would be complete.


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